Whole Profile Fucoidan

Whole Profile Fucoidan is a multi-functional skin protector

  • Skin-protecting and moisturizing
  • Prevents skin photo aging
  • Inhibits of melanin accumulation
  • Potential combination with other skin lightening ingredients
  • Stimulates skin regeneration 

Simpson Biotech’s Whole Profile Fucoidan (WPF) (100~2000 kDa, 10~100 kDa, ~500 Da) can function from epidermis to dermis.

The large MW portion of WPF has compatible efficacy of skin-protecting and moisturizing activity with normal fucoidan. Mid-size portion has better efficacy to prevent skin photo aging than normal fucoidan because it has more available function groups in a single molecule. The small size portion of WPF can penetrate into dermis of skin and function as a melanin inhibitor (skin lightening) or fibroblast migration stimulator (anti-scar or skin regeneration).

Using α-MSH stimulated B16F10 cell model, WPF was proven that have inhibitory effect on melanin accumulation without any cytotoxicity at 200 ppm.(Fig.1) We have also proven that WPF has a synergistic effect on melanin inhibition with Hepasim®.  WPF can efficiently inhibit cellular tyrosinase activity at 125-62.5 ppm. (Fig.2) This result illustrates the working mechanism of WPF and it is a good example of Hepasim® combination with other natural skin lightening ingredient.

Fig.1 WPF inhibit melanin accumulation.

Fig.2 WPF inhibit tyrosinase activity.


Besides skin lightening effect, WPF can also stimulates human fibroblast and the efficacy of is comparable to fibroblast growth factor (FGF). This result indicates that WPF might stimulate dermis regeneration by activating fibroblasts (Fig.3).  

Fig.3 WPF stimulates dermis regeneration by activating fibroblasts.

Fucoidan structure