SimpsonPureTM Natural Bioactive Ingredients
  1. Fermented Antrodia cinnamomea & Hepasim®:
    – Super hepatoprotective mushroom & the anti-inflammatory active compounds:
    – Anti-liver fibrosis/cirrhosis at nM level !
    – PK/PD data available
    – Safety proven indirectly by human clinical trial data
  1. Fucoidan & Enzymatic Hydrolyzed Seaweed:
    – Glycemic Index reducing agent: Super α-Amylase (IC50 < 7 ppm) & α-Glucosidase inhibitor
    – Immuno-Booster  
    – Anti-VirusSuper antimicrobial agent from Chitosan:
  1. Super antimicrobial agent from Chitosan:
    Water Soluble Chitosan (COS-LM)
    Inhibits most Gram (+) & many Gram (-) at 50ppm

          Chitobiose/Chitotriose (COS-600 Super) – the first easily absorbed, mass-produced, high-purity (95%)
          oligo chitosan
          – Antioxidant                                       – Calcium/Iron absorption
          – Post-operative adhesions                – Skin moisturizer

  1. Collagen & Hydrolyzed Dipeptides & Tripeptides:
    Ultra Low MW & Low Bitterness Protein Hydrolysation Platform
    – Fish Scale Collagen Peptides            – Soy Peptides
    – New Zealand Mussel Peptides          – Silk Peptides
  1. Compound K from fermented ginseng CK:
    The final active metabolite after raw ginsengnosides transformed by intestinal microflora
    – Anti-Alzheimer’s disease
    – Anti-tumor
    – Diabetes
  1. Fermented Concentration of Vegetables & Grains

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