Industrial/Feed enzymes

Industrial/Feed Enzymes

HERPEPSTM is suitable for the large scale production in “Purified” feed/industrial enzymes.  These enzymes are successfully expressed in 8-ton fermentor and purified by starch by SBP-tag.  The enzymes bound on starch could be directed used as immobilized enzyme with better thermostability and storage stability.  The enzymes or proteins could be also eluted from starch and used for immobilization on agarose resins, polystyrene beads, magnetic beads and other supporting materials.  The immobilized enzymes could be used for many industrial processes such as antibody purification, polysaccharide hydrolyzation and fine chemical bioconvertion.

  • Phytase & xylanase (feed additives)
  • beta-glucosidase & lipases (cellulosic bio-fuel, bio-diesel and food applications)
  • chitosanase (food, cosmetics, agriculture)

SB-X (Recombinant proteins that effectively stimulate/regulate immune system per oral in animal at very low dosage).