SBP Affinity Tag Purification

The starch-binding protein (SBP, Starch Binding Protein, US Pat. 8986955, 8551695, 7851215, 7759089, 7662918 etc.) identified from GRAS microorganism is the key of HERPEPSTM protein expression & purification system. One-step purification of SBP-tagged protein by the strong and specific binding affinity of SBP to edible starch granule was achieved. The binding capacity of SBP-tag to starch is 40-times higher than other carbohydrate binding domains. The purification process using starch as binding substrate is fast, efficiency and easy to scale up so that could be even used for feed enzyme production and purification. The SBP tag could be removed by a SBP-tagged endoprotease to produce a clean-cut native protein.

Advantages of HERPEPSTM include:

  • Extremely low production cost (< 1.5 USD/g; w/o tag removed) by using starch as the affinity resin
  • Clean-cut (tag-free) proteins by patented SBP-tagged endoprotease (commercial or in house)
  • Disposable starch columns/resins – reduce possible contamination and labor
  • 90~95 % of purity per cycle of protein purification process
  • High recovery rate with high adsorption/detaching efficiency
  • Successful expressed in many hosts, including E. coli, P. pastoris, S. cerevisiae, insect cells and mammalian cells
  • Cost-Effective Protein Expression & Purification Platform

page photo-technology-9Products by HERPEPS:

  • Industrial enzymes: The Company has produced numerous industrial enzymes for sale and/or turn-key transfer. They include: phytase & xylanase (feed additives); beta-glucosidase & lipases (cellulosic bio-fuel, bio-diesel and food applications); protease (food); chitosanase (food, cosmetics, agriculture). All of the products use HERPEPS so that cost-effective production and/or special functional characteristics (i.e. heat-stability) are guaranteed.
  • Recombinant SB-X: SB-X is a protein originally isolated from the popular oriental medicinal fungus. The production cost of the HERPEPS expressed/purified protein is very competitive, while the recombinant protein is still effective per oral dosing. With these advantages, it is not only a good dietary supplement for humans, but also an excellent immune booster as an animal additives, especially for replacing or reducing antibiotics in animal feed. We have already proven the concept by using it as an additive for animals to improve the immune activities in some field tests while demonstrating rSB-X as a low cost solution. Possible pharmaceutical applications per oral or IV injection include many immune-regulatory diseases.

Simpson Biotech offers a unique value-add expression and purification platform that can be utilized to express your recombinant protein of interest. Simpson Biotech’s proprietary platform, called HERPEPSTM, is a High Efficiency Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification System with clean tagging, high yield, and low production costs. At the same time HERPEPSTM is completely versatile, well-understood by Simpson Biotech, while offering the competitive advantage of a proprietary system. HERPEPSTM is available for licensing and can be immediately applied to your protein specifications with Simpson Biotech contract manufacturing services.

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