Bacteria Capture & Detection System

Total Bacteria Capture System and Their Derived Rapid Detection Methods

There are over 3,000 deaths because of food borne illness per year in U.S.  Traditional microbial detection methods which require >24 hours of incubation can no longer match the needs of today’s food processing and global distribution networks.    Although some commercialized method such as PCR, antibody and enzymatic method can partially solve problems, there is still no easy-to-handle, inexpensive, and sensitive rapid test for onsite monitoring of total bacterial contamination level.

SimpTrapTM is a unique bacteria binding molecule that can universally bind to almost all kinds of bacteria.  Bacteria are first captured and concentrated by SimpTrapTM coated magnetic bead and then detected by modified methods such as ELISA, agglutination, electrical devices and lateral flow assay.  Breakthrough features include:

  • Sensitivity up to 103 CFU/ml
  • Non-specific “Total Count”
  • Result in 30 minutes  No incubation!
  • Bacteria in sample was concentrated up to 100~1000x
  • Selected devices for personal, industrial and retail stores
  • Ideal for food safety and IVD medical devices
  • Affordable devices and supplies