Partnering Opportunities

Animal Health & Recombinant proteins

  • LZ-8

          Oral IFN-γ stimulation feed additive, Antibiotics alternatives

  • Co-development, License


  • Oral Stimulate cytokines including INF-gamma even on oral dosing.
  • Improve feed efficiency and animal growth at very low dosage (100 mg/kg or less)
  • LZ 8 can be developed as immune stimulator dietary supplement for human health



          Industrial, feed, food enzyme, recombinant protein

  • Co-development, CDMO, License


  • CDMO Service
  • Genetic manipulation of expression strain with high yield
  • Small-Scale(20-100L) Fermentation for efficacy verification
  • 100L lab-scale concept proof to 8000L mass production evaluation
  • Large-Scale OEM/ODM fermentation of Recombinant Protein producing tailor-made Recombinant Proteins or Enzymes
  • Downstream processing development for SBP-tagged protein purification
  • Turnkey technology transfer


  • SBP License for recombinant proteins:
  • Non-exclusive
  • Exclusive in Region/Country
  • Exclusive in Field of use



New Drug Development


  • Antrodin as oral drug for NAFLD & NASH
  • Co-development, License


NAFLD/NASH(Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease / Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis) is a condition when excess lipid accumulated in liver without significant alcohol consumption and became the major common cause of liver disease in Western countries. Antrodin is a natural compound as oral drug effective for whole progress of NAFLD/NASH with comprehensive global patent protection including compound, applications, indications, metabolites:

  • Prevention of non-alcohol fatty liver formation and metabolic syndromes:
  • Reduce the triglyceride and cholesterol level in liver & serum
  • Decrease the lipid deposition in liver
  • Reduce blood glucose


  • Prevention and reverse of NASH, Liver Fibrosis, Liver Cirrhosis
  • Reduce NAFLD/NASH indexes (liver oil, ALT, AST, TG, CHL, blood glucose)
  • Anti-inflammation at nM level, improve inflammation factors
  • Reduce oxidative stress to improve liver cell damage
  • Anti-liver fibrosis/cirrhosis


  • Liver generation improvement after liver transplantation



SimpsonPureTM Dietary supplements

  Fermented medicinal fungus, Hydrolyzed or bioconversion of natural ingredients


  • Fermented Medicinal fungus mycelia:
    • Supplier, OEM for
  • Antrodia cinnamomea with 12~15% Hepasim®
  • Cordyceps sinensis
  • Ganoderma lucidum
  • Phellinus linteus
  • Agaricus blazeiMurill
    • OEM, co-development
  • Fermentation of fungus mycelia not listed above, like turkey tail, Lion’s Mane mushroom, Chaga mushroom etc.


  • Hydrolysis & Bioconversion of natural products
  • Supplier for
  • Hydrolyzed Seaweed : Fucoidan, polyphenol extraction
  • Pea protein isolate w/o off-flavor
  • Low MW & low bitterness Peptide:Collagen, soy, pea, casein, whey, algae, yeast, green lipped mussel
  • Water soluble chitosan as natural anti-bacteria & anti-yeast agent
  • COS-600 with >90% chitobiose & chitotriose for three hyper
  • Fermented ginseng & Ginsenoside compound K


  • OEM, co-development
  • Seaweed hydrolysation of Green, Red, Brown seaweeds for the production of seaweed poly/oligosaccharide, polyphenol, pigment
  • Low MW & low bitterness Peptide hydrolysation from any kind of protein-rich raw materials for dietary supplement, flavor enhancer, cosmetics


  • Co-development
  • Fermentation or Bioconversion Process Development of natural ingredients enhanced bioactivities
  • Examples: sesame meal, soybean meal, ginseng, green seaweed, algae