IFN-γ stimulant for anti-viral, anti-coccidia and antibiotic alternative    

SB-X is a fungal immunomodulatory protein (IFN-γ stimulator)originally isolated from the popular oriental medicinal fungus(Lingzhi or Reishi). Traditional recombinant protein production is extremely expensive and must be used through intravenous injection. Simpson Biotech’s patented Hi-Efficiency Recombinant Protein & Expression and Purification System (HERPEPSTM) makes the production of SB-X becomes very competitive, it is still effective even per oral dosing.

  1. Oral administration of SB-X stimulates (IFN-γ) secretion.
  2. Very low production cost à makes it a perfect additive to be a perfect antibiotic alternative in animal feeds to overcome the antibiotic-resistant bacteria problem (such as MRSA; Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).
  3. SB-X as feed additive for the prevention of virus or coccidia
  4. Possible pharmaceutical applications including:
    (1) Immune dysfunction diseases. (US Patents pending)
    (2) Many Virus infection diseases

Administration of SB-X resulted in :
(1) Increase body weight gain, reduce FCR
(2) IFN-γ stimulation, increase survival rate


SB-X prevented Newcastle Disease Virus infection in chicken


SB-X prevented Avian Reovirus infection in chicken


SB-X prevented Coccidia infection in chicken