page photo-service-1Simpson Biotech welcomes distribution partners as well as licensees for its platform and Hepasim®. The recent expansion provides several opportunities for partnership, including:

  • OEM/ODM Production
  • Co-Development of new Biosimilars/Biobetter
  • Ability to use Simpson facility for scale up & development

The Company’s facilities include fermentors of 8,000, 5,000T, 1,500 liters and many pilot-scale fermentors which are designed to be GMP-ready (now for industrial/food enzymes production) and could be easily brought to GMP standards with an appropriate input.

To reduce the initial hardware investment and to proof the concept of a patented protein (biologics) expression and purification platform called HERPEPS, the Company produces and markets several industrial/food enzymes under these non-GMP facilities and is now producing pharmaceutical proteins such as IL-12, cytokines and many other recombinant proteins including protein A & Protein G in pilot scale.

With that, more resources can be use for the basic R&D and IP protection. Currently, the Company is looking for all kinds of partnership opportunities from field-of-use licenses to join ventures to produce new recombinant proteins for pharmaceutical applications.

page photo-service-2Simpson Biotech’s business development opportunities focus on four major areas:

  • Hepasim’s demonstrated Therapeutic Effects
  • HERPEPS: Licensing, Proof-of-Concept, Scale-Up, and Bulk Supply
  • Dietary Supplement: Bulk Supply & Formulation
  • Consumer Products: Available for Licensing or Co-Development

page photo-service-3Business Opportunties Include:

  • Non-Exclusive/Region/Field-of-Use License
  • OEM/ODM Fermentation
  • Small-Scale Pilot Fermentation
  • Large-Scale Fermentation Technology Turn-Key
  • Licensing and Tech Transfer
  • Partnering Opportunities

Simpson Biotech has developed a very robust product line with opportunities in several areas for resale, OEM, distribution as well as partnering and licensing opportunities. Please feel free to contact Simpson Biotech for additional details regarding the above opportunities including pricing and quantities. The discussions that the Company is willing to undertake covers a broad spectrum of areas and the Company is open to partnerships, joint ventures, OEM.