Fermented Ginseng & Compound K

Compound K-1

Fermented Ginseng with Ginsenoside Compound K (CK) is an easily-absorbed final active metabolite after primary ginsenosides (Rb1, Rb2, Rc and Rd etc.) have been transformed by intestinal microflora to remove the glucose side-chains in the ginsenosides.  Because of the very poor transformation rate in human body and the fact that CK cannot be chemically synthesized, CK is too expensive (>200,000 USD/kg) to be a drug candidate, although many indications such as anti-tumor, hepatoprotection, anti-inflammatory and especially anti-Alzheimer’s were reported.  For this, the company had developed an efficient fermentation process that significantly reduce the production cost which makes CK or CK-rich fermented ginseng a possible drug candidate or effective dietary supplement ingredient.


Competitive Advantage: Bio-transfomation by GRAS microbials & enzymes
Target function & Efficacy: Anti-tumor activity
Application: Anticancer dietary supplements (capsules)

Competitive Advantage: Tailor-made CK products use different species of ginseng as raw materials, for example, American Ginseng recommended
Target Function & Efficacy: Anti-inflammatory effects and repair of arthritic tissue
Application: Rheumatoid Arthritis dietary supplements (capsules)

Competitive Advantage: Up to 30% pure Compound K products are available
Target Function & Efficacy: Alzheimer’s disease
Application: “CK Ginseng Coffee drink” for Alzheimer’s disease prevention

Competitive Advantage: Significantly enhance the “Ginseng Flavor” when combined with low concentration of ginseng
Target Function & Efficacy: Antidiabetic Activity
Application: Antidiabetic dietary supplements (capsules)

Competitive Advantage: Highly-specific bio-transformation from primary ginsenosides to CK provides consisent quality and eliminates residual ginsengnosides in the final product
Target Function & Efficacy: Wrinkle free / Moisture retaining / Cosmetic Applications
Application: topical cream or lotions

Competitive Advantage: Only few suppliers are able to provide high concentration (>20%) CK products
Target Function & Efficacy: Anti-allergic activity

Competitive Advantage: Competitive production cost with flexible pricing policy depending on applications
Target Function & Efficacy: Liver protection
Application: dietary supplements (capsules)

Competitive Advantage: “Ginseng Flavor” enhancer (when combined with low concentration of ginseng)
Target Function & Efficacy: energy booster/refresh drink