Medicinal Fungus Fermentation

page photo-technology-1Simpson Biotech has developed expertise in medicinal fungus fermentation.

For example, Simpson Biotech ferments Antroidia Cinnamomea (syn Antroidia Camphorata) along with more than seven other well-known and unique fungi using the same strategy. While Simpson Biotech has identified the active compounds for many of these fungi, some are still yet to be identified or are known in fractions. Simpson Biotech works in collaboration with other institutions to conduct in vitro and in vivo studies to verify fermentation products and their active ingredients.

Keys to Success of Simpson Biotech’s medicinal fungus fermentation

  • Active Ingedient Identification
  • Screen Identification
  • Parameter Optimization
  • Assay for Activity Validation (ETC)

page photo-technology-7First Simpson is able to isolate the active ingredients through partnerships with other organizations including Dr. Hattori of Toyama University in Japan, well-known for its reputation in natural products development. After the active ingredients are identified Simpson Biotech has proprietary technology increase content of two active ingredients and induce the mycelia to the desired effect. Simpson Biotech specializes in the fermentation of Hepasim®(Cyclic imides with potent anti-inflammatory and anti-viral activity) and Camphorata®A (polysaccharide that reduces hepatic inflammation through immune-regulation of cytokines) . Through the partnership with Dr. Hattori of Toyama University, Simpson Biotech has developed fermentation and isolation technologies. Simpson Biotech special expertise to screen strains, induce the mycelia, and optimize parameters of the fermentation process.