Enzymatic & Microbial Conversion

page photo-technology-6Simpson Biotech’s key element of success of enzymatic and microbial conversion perfectly combines the commercial enzyme or our recombinant enzyme using HERPEPS system.

Simpson Biotech screens two or three kinds of fermentation, evaluates reaction between microbials, and select appropriate microbials, and select optimal parameters that is critical for fermentation.

Simpson Biotech Fermentation Process

  • Optimal Microbial Fermentation, screening for appropriate microbial, media, fermentation parameters, and process
  • Add special in-house recombinant proteins and proprietary microbial strains
  • Commercial product and commercial enzyme plus Simpson Biotech fermentation techniques to determine appropriate media and optimize parameters

page photo-technology-5Simpson Biotech specializes in biotransformation & bioconversion products from herbal or marine based materials. Compound K is an expensive gingsengnoside metabolite transformed by human intestinal microflora and fermented with ginsenosides Rb1, Rb2, and Rc. The Compound K-rich fermented American Ginseng was used as a nutraceutical for its anti-cancer, immuno-regulatory, and anti-inflammatory effects. Recent research demonstrates that Compound K has great potential against Alzheimer’s disease. Simpson Biotech’s new technology can reduce the production costs of Compound K dramatically. Oligochitosan & Seaweed oligosaccharides (Fucoidan) are other examples. The enzymatic conversion of marine oligosaccharides has been used as an immuno-regulator (anti-cancer agent) and to maintain moisture in cosmetic applications.