Mussel-Essence, the taste of the ocean in a water-soluble, easy to dose condiment. This innovative ingredient is the product of a joint venture between 3 international innovators: a Green Lipped-Mussel-Farm from the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand, a leading Taiwanese fermentation company, Simpson Biotech, specialized in condiment manufacturing, and ingredient expert Pharmalink Extracts Europe.

By using a patented stabilization- and hydrolisation-process, the pleasant aroma of the ocean is captured in a powdered condiment offering a new, deeper dimension to every Seafood-dish.


Green Lipped Mussels are a New Zealand specialty. More than 140.000 tons are harvested and sold internationally on the fresh markets every year. Used for Paella, fish soups, fish sauces, spicy Asian recipes and pasta. Every dish will come alive with Green Lipped Mussels.

Mussel-Essence is water-soluble, easy to dose and always fresh. This fine powder can easily be developed into an oily paste or a dry bouillon cube. Add the taste of the ocean to your product-portfolio. Mussel-Essence offers premium taste and flavor, and an easy way to enrich every culinary experiment.

We are a B2B ingredient supplier. If you want to add zest to your product portfolio with a seafood ingredient innovation, we would be pleased to assist.