Functional Peptides

Simpson Biotech Collagen Peptide (SBCP) –for cosmetics & cosmetic drinks

Simpson Biotech collagen peptide (SBCP) is manufactured by collagen from fish scale which contains much less (off-flavor) fat. For health and safety, fish scale collagen is recommended over collagen derived from porcine or bovine source.

Collagen-derived peptides are known to benefit skin function. According to the research by Dr. Oba, the ingestion of collagen hydrolysate significantly reduced both epidermal barrier and skin elasticity abnormalities induced by UVB irradiation (Fig.1) (1). 

Figure 1. Collagen hydrolysate treatment improves the loss of epidermal barrier function and skin elasticity induced by UVB irradiation in hairless mice.

Because of protein properties, hydrolyzation of collagen into small peptides is even more difficult to achieve than those of other proteins.  The leading commodity product has only about 15% di-peptide/tri-peptide.  SBCP leads the market as the only commercial product that has >30% di-peptide/tri-peptide (Fig.2& Table 1). 

Moreover, only di-peptides and tri-peptides are able to penetrate human skin and function in dermis. 

For oral administration, high di-peptides and tri-peptides ratio increases absorption rate and bioavailability. SBCP has no-flavor and extremely low bitterness.  This property in especially important for drinks because of the large intake (5 gram/day/adult) needed for such purposes.

Figure 2. Comparison of molecular weight and amino acids distribution of fish scale collagen peptide product from Simpson Biotech and Japanese companies.

Table 1. Comparison of the molecular weight and free amino acids of fish scale collagen peptide from Simpson Biotech and Japanese companies by HPLC.

*2~12 AA = (1.3~0.4 kDa; 4~12 AA) + (<0.4 kDa; <4 AA) – (Free AA)

(1) Oba et al., Photodermatol Photoimmunol Photomed. 2013 Aug;29(4):204-11