Recombinant Protein Services

Protein G resin SB-X Industrial/Feed enzymes

Simpson Biotech expresses recombinant proteins using the HERPEPS system, a cost-effective recombinant protein page photo-technology-10expression/purification platform and the OEM/ODM services.  The purified proteins could be immobilized on agarose resin or other supporting material for the production of immobilized enzymes or protein G resin.

  1. A cost-effective recombinant protein expression/purification platform and the OEM/ODM services: using patented starch-binding protein as affinity tag to purify recombinant proteins and remove the tag by in-house endo-protease to produce biosimilars and industrial enzymes.
  2. Feed additives/Industrial enzymes: (Recombinant proteins that effectively stimulate/regulate immune system per oral in animal at very low dosage). Phytase & xylanase (feed additives); beta-glucosidase & lipases (cellulosic bio-fuel, bio-diesel and food applications); protease (food); chitosanase (food, cosmetics, agriculture). All heat-stable.