Green Lipped Mussel Essence (GLME)

Pharma meets Food
Green Lipped Mussel Essence Innovation

European Pharma Company joins with Taiwanese seafood flavour house to create a new style of seafood essence from the popular New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus).  The innovation includes the clean label, flavour freshness and absence of contaminants.  Pharmalink Extracts Europe have 20 years experience extracting Green Lipped Mussels for their anti-inflammatory compounds.  Simpson Biotech from Taiwan is one of Asia’s oldest and leading seafood condiment manufactuers.  Combining extraction experience with processing history has created a novel seafood essence to match the fast demand from gourmet chefs for inspiring taste trends.

The premium seafood aromas from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel have been stabilized and are offered as a free flowing powder.  We specially select Green Lipped mussels from the Marlborough Sounds, a pristine region on the north coast of the South-Island of New Zealand with low temperature water ways.

Anthony Jacobs, Managing Director of Pharmalink Europe, announces, “After two years of product innovation with one of the world’s leading food condiment R&D companies, we have created a concentrated seafood flavouring from the Green Lipped Mussel that enables chefs to experiment further with their seafood recipes.”  To keep the freshness, processing starts within 6 hours from harvesting. The mussels are freeze dried, without heat or chemicals.  The flavour is intensified by enzymatic hydrolyzation to enrich the sweetness of this traditional seafood.  4kg of mussels are needed for 1kg of dried, water-soluble Green Lipped Mussel Essence powder.

Chiachin Sheu, President of Simpson Biotech Company, explains that “The manufacturing process was designed to firstly enhance both taste and secondly, to eliminate the possibility of unwanted seafood contaminants.  We have achieved an additive free condiment to meet clean label expectations.”

A further advantage of the concentration into an essence, is the reduced food preparation costs.

Food Applications
We have brought a Mussel-Essence to the Food Service Industry which is easy to dose, ideal for seafood dishes and always fresh.  This fine soluble powder can be added to Condiments, Spice pastes, Dry Mixtures, Bouillon cubes, Marinades, Fonds and Sauces.

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