glme-3Only aquacultures can produce the quantity of Green Lipped mussels needed to satisfy international demand.

The clear coastal ocean waters of New Zealand offer the best conditions for this industry with high levels of phytoplankton being the nutritive source for this shellfish.

The Green Lipped mussels are grown on ropes, connected to buoys anchored to the seafloor. These ropes offer the solid surface that mussels need to grow.

These mussels grow up to 25cm within 18 months. Densely populated, the so-called “Mussel Rafts” are harvested and transported to the production site.

Within 6 hours the mussels are processed into powder form without any heat or chemicals involved.

Finally, the flavours are intensified using enzyme hydrolysation technology to enrich the sweetness of this traditional seafood.

glme-4No other suppliers of mussel powder in New Zealand use the stabilisation process which published research has shown to be the best nutritional mussel powder available on the market.

The water quality in the Marlborough Sounds as well as growing and processing on mussel farms is permanently controlled by the MAF („New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries“) to ensure and guarantee the highest standards for our Green-lipped mussels.

From New Zealand, the freeze-dried and stabilized Mussel-powder is further transported to Taiwan, where a specialist-manufacturer for condiments finalizes it into our “Mussel-Essence”, a free flowing, water-soluble and easy to dose powder ready to be used for your next condiment development project!