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Super Antimicrobial Chitosan-Water Soluble

Low Moleculer Chitosan (COS-LM) eliminates most bacteria and certain yeasts at 15-62ppm;Application: Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Aquaculture, Detergents, Wound Dressings, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Water Sanitation, Textiles/Diapers/Napkins, Produce (Fruits & Vegetables)


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Intellectual Property

Simpson Biotech's biofermentation expertise is backed by a strong, diverse intellectual property portfolio developed over decades. Simpson Biotech has been honored with the "National Innovation Award" from the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine in Taiwan. Simpson Biotech holds 33 issued patents along with another 35 pending.

Services & Scale-Up

Simpson Biotech's collaboration model is based on utilizing its capabilities, know-how, and ingredients expertise to achieve your goals. We measure success through our relationships and we believe in a flexible business model to suit a wide range of opportunities including large-scale OEM fermentation, turn-key technology transfer and licensing.