Oligo Chitosan

COS 600 Plus & Super is a highly-bioavailable skin lightening ingredient

  • Very safe and highly bioavailable
  • Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation
  • Inhibition of melanin accumulation
  • Stimulation of skin regeneration

COS-600 Plus and COS-600 Super have high skin adsorption rate because of their high content of chitobiose and chitotriose (>65% in COS-600 Plus; >95% in COS-600 Super). The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects provide great potential in cosmetic applications. At Simpson Biotech, we have discovered this material also has the ability to inhibit melanin accumulation and stimulate fibroblast migration using cellular models. In α-MSH stimulated B16F10 cell model, COS-600 was proven to have an inhibitory effect on melanin accumulation without any cytotoxicity at 200 ppm. (Fig.1) As in the case of WPF, COS-600 has synergistic effects on melanin inhibition when combined with Hepasim®. Besides skin lightening effect, COS-600 can stimulate human fibroblast (WS-1 cell) migration at 250 ppm (Fig.2). Such functional benefits (anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, anti-pigmentation and dermis regeneration) make COS-600 a great candidate to combine with the typical chemical peeling process.

Fig.1 COS-600 inhibits melanin accumulation.

Fig.2 COS-600 stimulates fibroblast migration.