Customer-Made Fermentation

page photo-service-4Hepasim® & anti-inflammation & anti-fibrosis new drug development partnership or licensing: Hepasim® represents several potent (at few nM level; US Pat. 7109232; 7732482; 7763723; 8101792; 8648113) anti-inflammation & anti-fibrosis compounds isolated from a dietary supplement mushroom mycelia called Antrodia cinnamomea; (or A. camphorata ACM).  Certain Hepasim® also has anti-HCV (NS3/4A protease inhibitor; PCT 2009/094807) activities.  The high Hepasim® content (>12%) of the currently marketed dietary supplement actually illustrates both the safety and the effectiveness of the mycelia and the compound of Hepasim® through human clinical studies.  Currently, two such clinical studies for two different inflammation-related diseases are finished.  Initial exciting results from the clinical studies plus the previous metabolic/pharmacokinetic animal studies on these compounds already illustrate that Hepasim® is a promising NCE drug candidate. 

Industrial enzymes: The Company has produced numerous industrial enzymes for sale and/or turn-key transfer. They include: phytase, xylanase (feed additives); beta-glucosidase & lipases (cellulosic bio-fuel, bio-diesel and food applications); protease (food); chitosanase (food, cosmetics, agriculture); SB-X (immune booster for dietary supplements & animal feeds).  All of the products use HERPEPS so that cost-effective production and/or special functional characteristics (i.e. heat-stability) are guaranteed.

Protein G Resins: The Company had developed Protein G Resins using proprietary recombinant protein A and immobilized on a commercial “bead” such as agarose beads which can be activated and immobilize the protein A on the resin surface. A program is underway to develop protein G, which will be available for sale very soon. The Company has IP that cover the production and purification of both proteins.

page photo-service-4Oligo Chitosan COS-600 Super as the second generation of glucosamine: Chitobiose and chitotriose but not chitotetraose were reported to be the only COS that is small enough to be absorbed directly by the gastrointestinal tract and skin within one hour. Moreover, unlike glucosamine which is metabolized very quickly, these two chitooligomers have longer retention time in the blood circulation before breaking down into (the monomer) glucosamine. Glucosamine is a very popular dietary supplement for osteoarthritis patients and is generally believed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative activities. Therefore, it can be speculated that the dosage used can be much smaller when comparing to glucosamine. Recent studies indicated that the advantages of chitobiose and chitotriose also include antitumor, anti-hypertension, reduce postoperative intraperitoneal adhesion, insulin regulation and their prebiotic activities.  COS-600 can easily chelate calcium and iron thereby promoting the absorption of calcium and iron while compete with copper and cadmium to reduce heavy metal poisoning.

Ginsengnoside compound K (CK) is now available for sale via a distribution partner or a bulk purchaser as either a bulk product or potential drug candidate. The Company had developed a technology which is able to convert ginsengnosides into CK with up to 70% conversion rate and probably is the best in the world, thus reducing the cost dramatically.

Dietary supplements: Hepasim®-rich fermented mycelia of Antrodia camphorata (or A. cinnamomea; ACM) and others to include products for liver detoxification and alcohol detoxification, hepatic protection, hangover release and to reduce side effects these are available on a custom basis.